Karitree Luxury Multi-Purpose Moisturizer

What is it and who is it for?

We make skincare products that are rich in Shea. And when we say Shea based, we mean Packed full of Shea. Our beautiful body butters and body oils contain at least 70% Shea raising up to 100%.

We don’t use artificial preservatives or complicated ingredients that you can’t recognise as we believe that if you wouldn’t put it in your body then don’t put it on your body as the skin is our largest organ. We often say that you can eat our butters and oils (they may taste like a craft beer or gin).

We only use the highest quality Shea butter and Oil and essential oils as we believe that its like great food, if you only use a few ingredients they must be the very best available as there is nowhere to hide – quality speaks for itself.

Our body- and hand washes are full of Shea oil, olive oil and coconut oil. Enriched with beautiful essential oils we offer a range of luxurious natural products for those who believe that nature offers the best ingredients to take care of our skin.

All our products are Unisex, in fact our Jasmine infused Buumi is a best seller among our male customers. We have also had feedback from many of our bearded friends that our products make a fantastic beard Oil/Butter – helping beards to stay soft, manageable and the skin underneath richly moisturised.

Really the only people benefitting from all the differently purposed products, like beard oil, face cream, hand moisturizer, foot cream etc – are the commercial manufacturers and their bank balance! – we Say you don’t need all the various products – you just need one really good one to multi task – moisturise, massage, bath!

What is so special about Shea?

Shea butter is a natural butter that is derived from the Shea nut which grows on the Shea tree, also called the ‘Tree of Life’. It grows in West-Africa and grows in wild crop from Senegal to Nigeria. The women who live in the communities around these trees harvest the fruits and crush the nuts by hand and process it to a beautiful butter. By doing this they support their families throughout the community. Karitree uses this top quality, unrefined unprocessed Shea butter straight from the source to make our products.

Shea boosts production of collagen to restore or maintain the natural elastin in our skin, it contains a naturally occurring SPF6. It acts as a superior moisturizer and protectant from everyday pollution while leaving your skin illuminated and bright.

Across Africa shea is used to massage babies to ‘shape the bones’ and also on the elderly ‘to ease the aches and pains’ of arthritis and rheumatism ( we have many octogenarians amongst our repeat customer base who call it ‘my wonder cream’ as they have had so much success with it for their achy knees)

Shea is naturally rich in Vitamin A, E, F and K and the fatty acids have the same chemical makeup as out skin which ensures it penetrates through the layers of dermis and is quickly and easily absorbed (this is something unique to the benefits of shea) ensuring that your skin isn’t left feeling oily or greasy – rather it has a matt finish and silky smooth – ‘after repeated use I find I can have a bad hair day or a day when nothing fits right, but I always have fantastic skin!’)

How do I know whether to choose a butter or an oil? What is the difference?

Really its personal preference, some folk prefer the texture and feel of a butter and some prefer the feel of an oil which is a little lighter – Shea oil is still very new on the market and is very hard to get hold of, even for us – but you don’t need to sacrifice any of the goodie benefits of the Shea butter for the oil – it has all the same fantastic properties.

I have sensitive skin, eczema, psoriasis etc, can I still use these products?

We have so many repeat customers who can’t get enough of our Karitree – the gentle essential oil and coconut and shea blend of Mooka in particular – as they find that not only does it not aggravate their condition and sting as other branded formulas will, but it instantly serves to take away the itch that commonly accompanies the irritated skin so preventing making it worse and as it dries Matt it doesn’t form the coagulated ‘goo’ on top of the trouble spot that other creams will, thus allowing the vitamins and minerals of the Shea to do their healing work. 

Who makes the products?

We do, Marianne and Jade, two mothers who founded Karitree, we make our products the old-fashioned way, by hand with every single product fed with the love and passion we feel for our creations.

It took us about 2 years of developing and research before finalizing our products to do that special job of making you feel amazing and luxurious every time you use it, we love that we have developed a product range we are confident can keep our children and extended families nourished, hydrated and smelling delicious, safe from environmental pollutants and ‘clean’ inside and out.

How will my Karitree purchase affect the earth?

Karitree offers an environmentally friendly product, we don’t use any artificial chemicals, our butter and oil containers are glass and we make sure our packaging and all our raw materials are as ethically sourced as possible.

As our body and hand wash doesn’t contain any parabens, sodium laurel sulphate, paraffin, alcohols or artificial chemical preservatives its safer and causes much less harm to our waters.

All our products are vegan and not tested on animals

How long will a product last?

Our butters and oils are pure with no water, alcohol or paraffin added so a little goes a really long way – we find that used daily just a small quantity, around 2cm diameter will be sufficient to cover face and whole body (ideally on still wet and warm skin straight out of the shower – as it soaks in and absorbs so quickly, by the time you’ve brushed your teeth you are ready to get dressed -. Used in this way 1 product will last around 4/6 months –

Each product has minimum 12mnths before expiry but as we set out to create a premium and luxury product that is priced to use every day, not just for special occasions, you should finish it in half that time.

How do we give back?

Currently Karitree actively support the traditional indigo dyers, a batik artist and 4 tailors in Gambia who make our beautiful indigo gift bags and cloths bespoke for us, this means their families get to eat good food, children go to school and their indigenous crafts stay vibrant and alive– by supporting these craft people we help keep them in business which is becoming much harder in a market over filled with mass produced printed fabric and garments.